Bucharest WordPress Meetup News September 2018 – Gutenberg 3.8, WooCommerce Android App

  1. Full-Screen Mode available with Gutenberg 3.8;

  2. The official WooCommerce Android App is now in open beta;

  3. WordPress Coding Standards 1.1.0.

Full-Screen Mode available with Gutenberg 3.8

Gutenberg 3.8 is released and available for download. Probably the main feature of this release is the full-screen mode that hides both the menu and the admin bar, and they remain so until the full-screen mode is disabled. The new version also brings a performance increase due to the new hand-coded default block parser.


The official WooCommerce Android App is now in open beta

The WooCommerce official Android App allows users to manage their stores on the go. The connection between the store and the app is made through Jetpack.

Some of the things you can do now with this beta version:
– check orders and revenue statistics within a selected timeframe;
– view orders with their status and values;
– do basic order fulfillment;
– notifications;
– view list of products, like the top-selling ones.

As a funny note from the authors, there is an optional “cha-ching” sound which can be added for new orders.


WordPress Coding Standards 1.1.0

The new WordPress Coding Standards version 1.1.0 has been launched on GitHub, and it includes more stringent function call formatting checks and stricter checks for overriding global variables.

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