March Bucharest Meetup News

  1. WordCamp Europe tickets on sale;
  2. The official Twitter plugin for WordPress is here;
  3. RICG Responsive Images For WordPress;
  4. Google is testing a red label for slow sites;
  5. Paparazzi! – a great tool for screen captures.

WordCamp Europe tickets on sale

There are still tickets available for WordCamp Europe 2015, taking place in Seville, Spain, June 26-28. Each ticket costs 40 Euros and covers two conference days (Friday and Saturday), lunch, coffee and snacks for every conference day, #WCEU contributor day on Sunday, a t-shirt and other awesome swag, and entrance to the WordCamp Europe after-party.


The official Twitter plugin for WordPress is here

At the end of last month Twitter launched its official plugin for WordPress that bundles Twitter features and functionality into an installable package for sites powered by WordPress. Some of the features:

  • Twitter Analytics
  • Embeded Tweets and video – with few visual customization options
  • Tweet button
  • Follow button
  • Twitter Advertising – which i think will be useful for Twitter advertisers

The plugin is available also on GitHub:


RICG Responsive Images For WordPress

This is a recently launched plugin which gives users responsive images as soon as the plugin is installed, with no extra effort needed. No admin setting, media uploading configuration or coding is required. The browser is choosing the best image from a list. This plugin works by including all available image sizes for each image upload. Whenever WordPress outputs the image through the media uploader, or whenever a featured image is generated, those sizes will be included in the image tag via the srcset attribute.

The plugin can be downloaded from here:

More details about it can be read here.


Google is testing a red label for slow sites

Page load speed has been an important factor in SEO for some time and Google is taking this to the next level with these ‘slow’ labels. It is estimated that this will have a major impact on the traffic generated by search results. A website’s speed can be tested with Google Speed Test which generates very good feedback.

WordPress websites can become really slow so in order to avoid this there are some tips to be considered:

  • Do not install loads of plugins? Remove the ones you don’t really need and use!
  • Use a caching solution
  • Make sure you have a good hosting
  • Use optimized images
  • Use a CDN


Paparazzi! – a great tool for screen captures

Paparazzi! is a very simple and useful tool for creating screen captures. It captures the entire site at a given resolution among other features. It can be found at

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