February Bucharest Meetup News

  1. WordCamp Europe 2015
  2. Avocode
  3. CMS Commander
  4. MotoPress

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WordCamp Europe 2015

This year WordCamp Europe will be held in Sevilla, Spain between the 26th and 28th of June. After the success of WordCamp Europe 2014, which was in Sofia, i’m sure it will be a great event and everyone’s expectations will be satisfied. The organizers will announce a call for speakers, sponsors and volunteers this month and probably tickets will be on sale soon.

Details here…




I think Avocode is a tool a lot of people have been expecting for a while. It allows users to inspect Photoshop and Sketch files and turn them easily into code. Obviously this tool is dedicated to front-end developers and for sure it can make their life easier. You don’t need Photoshop, with just one click on an element in the psd file you can see its CSS and use it, or you can export that resource to any format you need. Some of the top features are:

  • CSS Hat integration – Easily get CSS, Less, Sass or Stylus for any selected layer.
  • Accurate dimensions
  • Very advanced colorpicker, very easy to work with it and very helpful
  • Copy text and font styles
  • Visual interface

The authors brag that Avocode is 100% Photoshop compatible and that it’s supporting Mac, Windows and Linux. The pricing starts at $20/month for a single developer license.




CMS Commander

Is a very interesting tool which provides a fast way to manage multiple WordPress installs from one place. So, updates, backups, monitoring, all can be achieved faster and without having to take all your blogs one by one. CMS Commander brings a lot of cool features like:

  • Bulk Posting – the powerful content editor built into CMS Commander allows you to create new posts or pages on any number of blogs simultaneously.
  • Bulk install plugins
  • Copy blog settings – Copy all WordPress options as well as the settings of some of the most popular plugins from one blog to all your other sites.
  • Manage user accounts
  • Manage content and comments
  • Automatic backups with multiple backup destinations
  • Easy restore
  • Clone websites
  • and more other features for creating and optimizing the content, monetizing or keeping everything safe.

The first plan is $8/month for 5 websites.




MotoPress Content Editor Plugin

Recently i read an article about this content editor plugin and for sure it can be a great tool and an alternative for the existing visual composer plugins. Basically it’s a drag and drop page builder. The plugin is designed to work with any WordPress theme and also its authors teamed up with Template Monster to integrate it into their Cherry Framework. The license for a single website is $29 which is almost the same with the popular Visual Composer ($28 on CodeCanyon). After taking a look i must confess that it’s a very powerful content editor, with a lot of predefined controls and a lot of options. It will probably require a little time to get familiar with it but once this step is passed you have unlimited options to create layouts.

Details here

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