My personal experience with clouds

It’s been a while since i started to search for a decent cloud solution for my personal use, i’ve tested a lot of them and i still can’t say that i found one to meet all my expectations.

Dropbox – It is cool, probably one of the best solutions out there. It offers a lot of things, almost everything i want. The minus is the price, $50 / month for 500 GB. – This is another solution i like. I think Box is offering even more features than Dropbox. The problem with Box from my point of view is that they are targeting businesses and they don’t have premium plans for personal use. So, with Box you can get 100GB for $4/month and the next upgrade is 1TB for $45/month with support for 3 users. I don’t need 3 users…for personal use.

Google Drive – The best out there from my point of view. For $9/month i got 1TB and all the features i need. Unfortunately the speed is not something they can brag about it all the time and also i would like FTP access.

Bitcasa – Unlimited space for $10/month is not bad at all. For me their main problem was the transfer speed. Offers features like webdav, decent mobile apps, drive mirroring, file versioning etc. The mobile apps have some issues when i was trying to upload a big number of files. I don’t know why they are not charging more and increase their speed. I canceled my subscription with them because of this and i don’t think i’m the only one…

LiveDrive – A lot of space for decent price, decent transfer speed, FTP access, webdav  BUT old interface, bad mobile apps not allowing multiple files transfers, no collaborators. This could have been something good. I talked with their support about new mobile apps, they told me they will come up with new ones very soon but after 3 months i canceled my account.

I’ve also tried other clouds like Copy, iDrive, SugarSync, Amazon S3 and so on but none of them convinced me.

A nice app that i found which helps me keep all the clouds together and offers easy access to my files: ExpanDrive.

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