October Bucharest WordPress Meetup News

  1. Divi Builder
  2. Accelerated Mobile Pages launched by Google
  3. Ebook: Ultimate Guide to the WordPress REST API
  4. Transform your entire WordPress blog into an eBook in seconds

Divi Builder

Elegant Themes launched their own visual page builder based on their popular Divi Theme, called Divi Builder. It brings a lot of features like 40 content modules, possibility to create new modules or save design elements and reuse them in other projects. Yes, some of these are common for this type of plugins but Divi has some very cool features, too:

  •  you can declare elements as global and when you change a global item in one place on your site, it is updated site-wide!
  • there are unlimited undos and redos via a history function that ensures you can always track-back to a previous version
  • site admins can lock individual elements so you can prevent damages done by clients

Divi Builder is free for all Elegant Themes subscribers. More about this plugin can be read here.


Accelerated Mobile Pages launched by Google

Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages is basically an open source HTML code framework that Google is asking publishers and developers to adopt into their websites and apps. Why? Because Google says AMP HTML will “dramatically improve” the performance of the mobile web by allowing website owners to build lighter-weight web pages that have a reduced reliance on technology such as JavaScript. The initial specification for the AMP Project has been released on GitHub.

WordPress has announced that it’s developing a plugin to the AMP standards. The plugin will enable WordPress publishers to create AMP versions of posts with a single click.

You can read the WordPress blog post about this plugin here.


Ebook: Ultimate Guide to the WordPress REST API

The WordPress REST API opens up endless opportunities for experienced WordPress developers. It provides a new way to interact with WordPress posts, users, comments, and taxonomies using the popular RESTful API standard, which allows you to create, read, update, and delete the main WordPress objects and provides infrastructure for creating your own custom APIs.

You can download the ebook from here.


Transform your entire WordPress blog into an eBook in seconds

If you have ever thought of transforming your blog into an ebook, now this is possible extremely easy using a free plugin developed by an UK startup. You can even make customizations like adding a logo to the cover page, adding additional pages, changing the layout of individual pages and manually adding additional text and photos.

More details about this can be found here.

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