My personal experience with cloud backups, episode

Until a couple of months ago I had an account at but I wasn’t using it anymore. I have even forgotten about it until one day when I got an email announcing me that my subscription will expire soon and it will be automatically renewed. I replied asking for a cancelation and after a week of back and forward messages containing all kind of useless offers, my account have been finally closed.

The reasons why I stopped using are many but I want to mention some of them:

  • slow upload and download;
  • the system was failing when I was trying to retrieve files using the website;
  • ftp was returning errors when the transfer was at more than 90% completed;
  • you can’t select and handle multiple files at once;
  • poor user experience;
  • and others…

$100 / year for 100GB!

I’ve decided to write this post some days ago when sent me an “once in a lifetime offer”: $1/month for 100gb of backup space. The offer was actually just for the first month of the new subscription, the regular price is $9/month for 100GB!!!! Let’s do the math: my original subscription was for 1TB of space and I was paying about $60-70 per year (this includes a permanent 50% discount received when I created the account) and now, if I want to come back i have to pay $100/year for just 100 GB! Who is making these offers for this company? Is this a joke?!

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